Every mile takes a toll. I’ve got 957 miles to go till I feel whole.

Our lives are written in pen. We can’t erase our mistakes, we can only scratch over them and try to make things right.

Spent the night with a pretty cool chick last night. \m/

I will never be that glass of wine to unwind before bed. I will always be that one shot too many that you regret in the morning.

Tattoos are permanent
You look at them and think, ‘wow these will be here forever’
it was the same way I looked at you
every morning when I woke
and every night before I slept
you felt so good against my skin
I never worried that the ink would fade
until the day you faded from my life

I’ve been staring at my skin for the past 47 days
wondering if they too will disappear without a word

Sometimes I think I survive just to spite you. You sparked a fire in me and now I won’t stop until you know what it is to burn. 

You asked me to be honest
So I tried a thousand natural cleanses
Submerged myself in water for hours
Exhausted every bar of soap I could find
And though i’ve scrubbed away
All of the dirt beneath my nails
I still can’t seem to come clean

All i want right now is a hot cup of tea, iron and wine playing, and someone to hold close as i fall asleep.

this isn’t about you.

you are no longer my sun
you do not light up my life
my world doesn’t revolve around you anymore
you no longer greet me in the morning
nor wish me sweet dreams at night
you don’t find me in my dreams now
i once wrote epic tales of us together
but i’m no longer writing chapter after chapter of what if’s and could have been’s
you were just a character who made an appearance
and this isn’t about you
i am the author of this story